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Our unique blend


Dark Chocolate-Caramel-Orange

We are very proud of the unique blend York Coffee Emporium have created for us and the new coffee machine and grinder we have..... this helps us create a very special cup of coffee unique to us that can be reproduced by our staff time after time. Our blend uses only 100% Arabica beans that are roasted, ground and extracted freshly for each individual cup we produce, but why is the process so important?

The flavours and notes you get from your cup of coffee are developed during the roasting process, during which the raw coffee bean goes through numerous changes that are closely monitored and recorded. After roasting the beans are left to de-gas for 8 days (release of CO2) and should then be consumed within 3 months. We monitor the grind very closely in house, if the grind is too fine the coffee will be overly bitter whereas to coarse can lead to a sour flavourless drink. The dose is then precisely measured to ensure the correct extraction time and the ratios of liquid are measured for the type of coffee you order. This ensures we produce a delightfully sweet, ripe, transparent, complex coffee straight to your cup. We go to great lengths to give to the perfect coffee experience time after time!