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Our Workshop

Basic, straight forward good old fashioned quality customer service.
This means knowledgeably informing and guiding customers towards the correct parts, accessories, servicing or new bike that suits their needs perfectly.

The Bike Cave has a fully functioning workshop and can undertake anything
from a puncture repair to a full custom spec bike build. Whatever your needs, come in and discuss the options. We have a large stock of parts and accessories.
At The Bike Cave we welcome everyone with open arms, complete novice to semi-pro super-keen road racer, town bike to triathlon speed machine are all welcome. The Bike Cave is proud to be a true independent bike shop,
and is not tied into a particular bike and accessory brand.

Our Workshop

Each bike and its owner are different, so when you bring your bike in we look over it and assess what may be needed to bring it up to meet your expectations. The Bike Cave offers full workshop facilities, we will complete any job to the highest professional standard, be it a puncture repair or a full custom build of your dream bike.

We pride ourselves on having a very fast turn around for repairs. We do not run a booking-in system as in our experience leads to longer turn around if bikes or parts don't turn up in time. Our average turn around for repairs is 1-2 days. Quite often, if it is a smaller job will try and get it done the same day.

Here at The Bike Cave we do not have a strict set-price menu for our servicing as every bike is in a different state of repair. So the the prices below are a rough guide to levels of service we can carry out and what is included in each service.

Full Service - £99.99

Mid-level Service - £59.99

Basic Service - £29.99

Please note that servicing prices do not include parts, suspension servicing or hydraulic brake bleeding. Please bring your bike down to the shop for an instant estimate or leave it with us for a full quote for work needed.

Other Services Offered

Puncture Repair;

Tyre and tube removed. Tyre, tube and rim inspected for damage/cause of the puncture. We then fit a new high quality branded inner tube along with your tyre back to your wheel rim and inflate to recommended pressure and inspect the tyre for trueness, cracks and bulges.

Loose Wheel; (without bike) - Inner Tube £5 - Labour £3:50

Wheel on complete bike. (brakes, gears and wheel alignment checked before and after wheel removal to ensure that they are the same as when they came in)

Inner Tube; £5 - Labour £5

Disc Brake Bleeding;

It is unlikely that brake will need bleeding in normal use. If it has lost fluid then this will need investigating further.

£15 per brake

Wheel Building;

Please call and discuss you needs.

Wheel Truing;

£8 - £15 per wheel

Suspension Servicing;

The suspension manufacturer’s warranty criteria states that forks and shock units must be serviced at specific intervals. To maintain this warranty and ensure speedy spare part availability we remove all suspension units and send them to their manufacturers UK service centres for service.

Price varies so please call for specifics.