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The E-Bike specialists and test centre

Here at The Bike Cave we think it is never possible to have the perfect bike
for everyone in stock. We do not pressure people into buying the incorrect size or type of bike, just because it is what we have in stock

What we Stock:

This way means instead of filling the shop to the rafters with bikes, we concentrate on having a good selection
of well presented different styles and sizes of cycles to show the customer what options are available. At this initial visit we can discuss the costumers individual needs and establish the correct size and type of bike they are looking for. All our cycle suppliers try to keep to a next working day delivery on most bikes, this means your perfect bike is potentially only a day away! We have bikes for any cycling discipline, be it top spec custom built road bike, mountain bike or an off the peg traditional style shopping bike, we cater for all.

First Service:

Every single bike comes fully assembled, set-up for the individual and ready to ride. All bikes have a bedding in period where the brakes and gears will progressively go out of adjustment. This is due in most part to the cables stretching and brake pads facing off to the braking surfaces. This is perfectly normal and will happen to every bike, which is why we offer a first free service after 6-8 weeks. This service is important as it keeps the bike running correctly and smoothly into the future. We recommend regularly servicing of your new bike after this point as a well maintained bike will last longer and give you a smoother more efficient, pleasurable riding experience.

Mail Order/Delivery:

Unfortunately We do not supply bikes mail order! We feel that any bike needs to be sized, set-up for the individual
and sufficiently explained to the customer in person. We understand that people may not be within easy riding distance of the shop or have a vehicle that is big enough to carry a bike, so we do offer an after hours delivery and hand over service for new bikes. This service is available for new bikes and repairs alike, and is subject to an extra surcharge dependent on distance and/or cost of sale.

Finance Available